Sunday, April 25, 2010

#85 :: Artichokes

While we were walking around the Westside Market, we came across some artichokes for $1.50 each. Since we're trying new things and I've never cooked an artichoke before, I grabbed a couple to try them out. I cooked them tonight and wasn't that impressed. Yeah, they tasted pretty good...but it seemed like an awful lot of work for a little bit of goodness. They did, however, smell wonderful! I guess I expected them to smell bad, like asparagus, but they smelled almost floral.

I found several ways to cook them...broiling, boiling and steaming. Since I don't have a basket for steaming, I chose to boil them. I had to create a contraption to hold them upside down so they would stay put in the pot and cook correctly. After a few tries, I came up with this....a strainer and a lid.

I think I'll stick to the bag of frozen artichoke hearts. But at least now I can say I know how to cook an artichoke!

Recipe/Instructions from Good Eats on Food Network

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (taste)
2 out of 4 stars (prep)

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