Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year....and Happy New Blog!

As I was putting together our appetizers for the New Year's Eve get-together last night, I was thinking about how much I enjoy my new found hobby {cooking}. When I was younger, I couldn't cook anything. My Mom will tell a story of me burning cereal (it was Chex Mix, but still...I burned cereal.) I guess maybe I could have cooked well, but I had a short attention span and no patience, so my attempts usually turned out disastrous. After I got married, I re-discovered cooking and I'm really enjoying it. Jamie and I cook together in the kitchen, and we always have a good time. Plus, both of us wanted to eat healthier and take care of ourselves more this year, so cooking at home will hopefully keep us from the fast food giants.

So, with the New Year upon us, we decided to take on a project. A cooking project. We've decided to cook at home every day this year, and we've even decided to go as far as to NOT cook the same thing twice. We've given ourselves a little wiggle room though -- since Jamie works at Taco Bell, it's inevitable that we'll eat it eventually. Rather than completely denying ourselves and then breaking the rules, we're allowing a few Taco Bell meals here and there. Otherwise we'd end up failing miserably and quitting the project! We've taken our health stats and are going to occasionally compare them to see what (if anything) is changing.

This blog is to share our project with everyone. We want to share the recipes, share the stories of us working in the kitchen together (with my clean-freak tendencies and his clumsiness, there's sure to be some good stories on the way!), and share the results and photos so you can see what we made. We even talked about making a few videos to post now and then of us in the kitchen. With us, who knows what we'll end up posting!

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